Elon Musk Is Making Corporate Raiding Cool Again

Barely a week goes by without Elon Musk getting in the headlines. The Tesla and SpaceX founder’s latest stunt? Not content with just having one of the most followed Twitter accounts on the planet, the notoriously libertarian (and libertine) billionaire has launched a $43 billion hostile takeover of the social media platform. Musk, who is … Read more

How Rosario Dawson’s Makeup Artist Finds Inspiration

One look at celebrity makeup artist Ermahn Ospina’s graphic azure look on Rosario Dawson will have you injecting color into every makeup look this spring. Here, the artist shares his inspiration and trusted tools. Texture Talk “My inspiration for this look came after the first fitting of Rosario’s dress,” says Ospina. “The graphics, color and … Read more

The Best Breasts Over the Past 100 Years

Just like fashion, hair styles and makeup trends, what’s been considered the best-looking breast shape has changed a lot over the past 90 years. From the flatter chests of the 1920s to the overwhelming embrace of full cleavage today, these are the breast looks that have been considered ideal. You May Also Like: What’s the … Read more

When it Comes to Facial Fillers, Why Is Everyone Playing the Dissolve and Refill Game?

There’s a shift in the world of fillers right now, with more patients dissolving their fillers and, then (sometimes), refilling the area. Chalk it up to filler fatigue, poorly done fillers, migrating product, or a desire not to look so overtly plump—there’s no denying the uptick in dissolution. When Filler Fatigue Sets In A somewhat … Read more